USG's Executive Leadership Institute

The USG Executive Leadership Institute is a comprehensive 120-hour development program facilitated by experts in leadership. Scholars will enhance their leadership skills to prepare for potential high-level advancement within the System.


  • Employment for a minimum of three years in higher education;
  • Consecutive positive evaluation ratings for the last three years;
  • Demonstrated potential based on the USG leadership competencies;
  • Minimum master's degree and any other qualifications required for the next level position; and
  • A current title of Vice President, Chair, Dean, Executive Director (or equivalent) and higher.

The ELI requires approximately 120 hours of the scholar's time over an eight-month period in group learning formats, independent study, teleconferences, and action learning. Attendance and participation in all institute activities are required. Absences are unexcused and will result in consideration for removal from the program. Participation in the ELI requires a commitment to all aspects of the planned program activities.

To learn more about ELI, access the following page:

MGA Selection Process:

MGA normally nominates one faculty and one staff member for inclusion in the ELI each year; however the number nominated depends upon instructions from the USG. The MGA nomination selection process is as follows:

  1. Potential scholars should thoroughly review the USG-ELI website for eligibility, schedule and goals to ensure both MGA and the scholar would benefit from participation in the program. Discuss with your immediate supervisor and obtain approval from him/her.
  2. Submit MGA-ELI application materials as listed below to by the deadline (TBD).
  3. The ELI Review Committee will review applications and select one or more persons for interviews.
  4. After the application review and interviews, the Committee will deliberate and make selections based on the criteria expressed by ELI.
  5. Those selected will be recommended to the President who will make recommendations as to who should continue to the USG-ELI application process.

The ELI Review Committee will consist of the following:

  • Provost, or designee
  • Chief of Staff
  • Executive Director of Finance and Operations or designee
  • Executive Director of Human Resources – Advisory Capacity, Non-Voting Member

Application Materials

The following application materials should be electronically submitted to :

  • Your resume or vitae.
  • A letter of recommendation from your immediate supervisor and one other MGA employee.
  • Personal Statement on why you wish to participate in USG-ELI (no more than three double-spaced pages) and how the program supports your career goals. Include a summary of personal characteristics and skills you possess that would improve your prospects for success in an executive leadership position in the USG.
  • If your title is Director, a job description and organizational chart demonstrating that your responsibilities are equivalent to an executive director position must also be submitted.