Academic Program Promotion

Before requesting academic promotional materials, please ensure that your program web pages are up-to-date. If you are unsure of how to update the program’s pages or need further assistance with your web pages, visit Website Services.

Once your web pages and social media are updated, we will use these as references for creating your other promotions, such as printed material. Web pages and promotions will require updates any time programs and/or degrees are created or change. Fill out the form below to start the project review process.

Reminder: If you haven’t informed MarComm of your social media accounts, please do so by completing the social media account registration form. We encourage you to let us know so we can add your official page(s) to our social media directory.

Help us by providing the information we need to assist you in creating academic promotional materials.

To promote your academic degrees/programs we can design information sheets, direct mail postcards - handouts, rack cards and retractable banners. Please see our portfolio for examples, and list items you’re interested in.