Basic Additions, Changes, and Deletion to Curriculum

The following process is used for changes to the curriculum, including general education courses while the USG redesigns the core curriculum.

In 2018 the Senate Committees were reorganized, and coinciding with the USG announcing a redesign of the general education curriculum, the General Education Committee ceased regular activity until the redesign is complete. In the interim, curriculum changes, including changes that affect the core curriculum proceed through the Academic Affairs Committee and the Faculty Senate in their approval.


Curriculum-Approval-Flow.pngBasic Additions, Changes, and Deletion Step-by-Step Approval Process:

  1. A faculty member submits a curriculum proposal to the department Chair (if applicable) and the school or college Dean for approval.
  2. The Dean submits the approved proposal to the Office of Academic Affairs.
  3. The Associate Provost for Academic Planning and Policy reviews the proposal for compliance with institutional, Board of Regents, and SACSCOC policy and grants provisional approval from the Office of Academic Affairs.
  4. The Academic Affairs Committee grants approval.
  5. The Provost grants final approval from the Office of Academic Affairs.