Declare the Major

Students may declare the major at any time. Students may declare the major in the following ways:

  1. When applying to MGA, students may select social work (BSW) as their major on their application. Once accepted, the acceptance letter will state social work as the current major. Students will then attend an MGA new student orientation where program advisors will assist with the registration process.
  2. Current MGA students wishing to change to social work should first complete the student information section of the online change of major form. As a professional courtesy to the current program of study, the student should schedule a meeting with the current advisor to discuss the major change and to obtain the current advisor’s signature. The student should then schedule an appointment with a professional advisor in the Department of Teacher Education and Social Work, or the BSW Program Director, to complete and process the change of major form and to develop a plan of study.
  3. Brightspace Desire to Learn (D2L) BSW Program Dashboard
    Upon declaration of the major, students are added to the BSW Dashboard D2L course. This course serves as a hub of information for BSW students including program announcements, information on the program, advising information, program syllabi, student resources, the BSW program calendar, student group information, and application materials for the formal program and the field program. If you are a BSW major and do not see the course in your D2L course options first search using the term (BSW Dashboard). If this does not yield results, please email to be added to the class.  

You may reach out to:
Dr. Rebekah Hazlett-Knudsen, BSW Program Director,
Ms. Sonja Rivers, Professional Advisor, Cochran Campus,