Student Success Center Staff

Sandy Callaway Sandy Callaway, M.B.A.

WRC Academic Support Specialist
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Math, English, Spanish I, Business Courses, Excel, and Economics
Unique skills and talents: Coaching and Organization
Favorite course to tutor: Quantitative Methods
Hobbies: Painting figurines

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Macon Campus Academic Support Specialist - Vacancy

Brock Giddens Brock Giddens

Director of Student Success Services
Roberts Library 303
Phone: (478) 934-3106

Paul Johnson Paul Johnson, M.B.A.

Macon Campus Student Success Center Coordinator
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Math, English, Education, Finance, History, Management, Music, Physical Science, Reading, and MSCC 1000.
Unique skills and talents: Identifying birds by their calls.
Favorite course to tutor: Physical Science
Hobbies: Observing Wildlife, Playing Guitar, Writing, Art

Jeannie Ruggerio Jeannie Ruggerio, M.P.A.

WRC Student Success Center Coordinator
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: English, Political Science, Communication, Public Service, and MSCC 1000
Unique skills and talents: Painting and Writing
Favorite course to tutor: Political Science
Hobbies: Reading and Traveling

Picture Unavailable Stephen Svonavec

Dublin Campus Director
Dublin Campus, Dublin Bldg., Room 224
Phone: (478) 275-6769


Picture Unavailable Devonna Brewton

(Cochran Campus)

Picture Unavailable Erin Byington

(Cochran Campus)

Ruth Compton Ruth Compton

(Warner Robins Campus)
CRLA Level I (Basic) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Math, English, History, and Spanish
Major: Business
Skills: Organized and Compassionate
Favorite course to tutor: Spanish
Hobbies: Reading, Playing Violin, Creating Art Projects

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Julia Davis
(Cochran Campus)

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James Howard
(Macon Campus)
Tutors: Chemistry, Biology, Math, Physics
Major: Biology
Skills: Laboratory Procedures, Math, Science
Favorite course to tutor: Organic Chemistry
Hobbies: Weight Lifting, Tennis

Amanda Johnson Amanda Johnson

(Macon Campus)
CRLA Level I (Basic) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Information Technology
Major: Candidate for Masters of Science in Information Technology
Skills: Adaptable, Methodical, Attentive, and Dedicated
Favorite course to tutor: ITEC 3245 Database Principles
Hobbies: Reading, Computer Graphics, and watching Doctor Who

Sandra Mejia Sandra Mejia

(Warner Robins Campus and Macon Campus)
CRLA Level I (Basic) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Technology, Business, and Spanish
Major: Business
Skills: Organized, Compassionate, and Creative
Favorite course to tutor: Technology and Spanish
Hobbies: Play Sports, Sing, and Dance

Picture Unavailable Taylor Messex
(Macon Campus)
Picture Unavailable Shyam Patel
(Macon Campus)
Picture Unavailable Gary Pitts
(Cochran Campus)
Musonda Shakalima Musonda Shakalima

(Macon Campus)
CRLA Level III (Master) Certified Tutor
Tutors: English, Chemistry, Biology, Math
Major: Biology
Skills: Using analogies to explain material, drawing and writing
Favorite course to tutor: Biology or Chemistry
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Drawing, Dancing, Travelling, Telling people ‘fun facts'

Picture Unavailable Dakota Tharpe

(Macon Campus)
CRLA Level II (Advanced) Tutor
Tutors: All intro sciences, Organic Chem, Microbiology, Genetics, Cell Biology, Math up to Calculus 1
Major: Biology
Skills: Note taking tips, Making concepts understandable, Breaking down individual parts of a problem
Favorite course to tutor: Any Biology course
Hobbies: Weightlifting, Video Games, Golfing, Watching Sports

Molly Traylor Molly Traylor

(Dublin Campus)
CRLA Level I (Basic) Certified Tutor
Tutors: Math Modeling, English 1101, Writing
Major: English
Skills: Open-minded, organized, decisive
Favorite course to tutor: Writing in English 1101
Hobbies: Exercising, writing, and exploring

Picture Unavailable Hannah Tuck

(Warner Robins Campus)

Picture Unavailable

Tracy Wilcox
( Warner Robins Campus)

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Laura Wood
(Macon Campus)

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Fawna Wyatt
(Macon Campus)