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The Office of Technology Resources provides a variety of technical services to Middle Georgia State University. Please contact us should you need further information or assistance with any of the following:

MGA Website

If you have questions or concerns about the MGA website, please direct your inquires to:  


  • The MGA homepage is the official page for MGA announcements, alerts, news, and information.
  • Please use the webmaster feedback link, located at the bottom of every page, to notify us of broken links, content errors, or page errors. Your feedback helps improve the website!
  • Departments can update the content of their pages by contacting the web team directly at . Include the page(s) that need to be updated, the new content, and any necessary attachments. 

ListServer Information

While traditional email is ideal for one-on-one interaction, email lists advance the concept a step further by disseminating a single message simultaneously to a group of list subscribers. If this is something that your officially recognized student organization or MGA organization/department is interested in, please contact Kris Rickerson at 478.471.2825.

Personal Web Folders - WEBDAV

Each MGA Faculty, Staff, and Student is provided with space, upon request, to create a web site. With the right tools and a little know-how, you can have a web page up in no time. Follow the steps outlined below to begin building your web pages.

  1. Account Creation: Contact Kelly Jones in ESM at 478.757.2635 or Doug Smalley in ESM at 478.471.2421 and request to create your account.
  2. Brush up on your HTML with the tutorial " Getting Started with HTML". More HTML tutorials can be found by searching Google.
  3. Aquire the tools to build your web pages such as SharePoint Designer (Free download from Microsoft), Dreamweaver (Must be purchased by your department), or Notepad++ (Free Online Download). Be aware that Microsoft Word is poor choice for web page editing.
  4. Publish your site:
    Download an FTP Client. This software will enable you to move your web pages from your computer to the server where people can view them.
    Instructions for accessing your web folder: Anyone can view your new Web pages by going to these URLs:
    • or
    • or

Your first page should be named index.html.

Review policy regarding appropriate use of MGA computer resources

Please note that neither the TAC nor Technology Support provides training for web page development. If you are using this space for class projects/assignments, please contact your instructor for assistance.

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