The Department of Teacher Education and Social Work Entrance Essay

The Department of Teacher Education and Social Work requires a writing sample from each candidate for his or her entry portfolio and the Entrance Essay test becomes the writing sample.

Teacher Education faculty members develop a pool of open-ended questions designed to allow candidates the chance to express themselves on issues that relate to the teaching profession.

How the Entrance Essay is administered:

  • Testing sessions are scheduled when requested by the Teacher Education faculty/staff.
  • These testing sessions are conducted at the Cochran testing center.
  • The Testing Services monthly calendar ca be viewed at this URL
  • Prospective Teacher Education candidates register for a session at this URL
  • Candidates must bring a valid photo ID card for admission to a testing session.
  • Candidates will use one of the Testing Services general student logons to access the test.
  • Candidates must choose one of the two impromptu questions randomly selected from the test bank to write their essay.
  • Candidates will be instructed what information to include in the answer's text box for identification.
  • Candidates have sixty (60) minutes to complete the essay
    • No outside research is permitted.
    • No writing tools such as a thesaurus are allowed.
    • The essay is not printed.
  • The Testing Services staff sends completed essays to the Department of Teacher Education and Social Work for processing.