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Thanks for considering reduced cost alternatives for our students! This page is a quick starting point – for deeper knowledge, please see the two following resources.

The MGA library page has a comprehensive subject guide of ALG and OER resources which is the perfect place to start. ALG also has a wonderfully useful website.

Additionally, there is a series of ongoing training and development events hosted by ALG for faculty. These webinars are archived to allow for asynchronous enjoyment.

Short videos of faculty and students using reduced-cost materials coming soon!

Your campus facilitators for ALG are Dana Casper with the library ( ), faculty member Christopher Lawrence ( ), and faculty member Alison Nooks ( ). Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


ALG offers grants for  textbook transformation funded by state appropriations. These grants are offered on a rolling basis, typically with deadlines in September and February of each academic year; announcements are typically posted the summer before the academic year begins. In recent grant rounds, there have been three levels of funding for teams of faculty, librarians, and/or instructional designers:

  • Mini-grants, typically including up to $4000, for small-scale projects such as implementing a course redesign to adopt OERs and other low-cost and library resources, with limited need to create new materials or substantial modifications to existing ones.
  • Midsize grants, with budgets up to $10,000, for somewhat larger projects involving developing substantial new materials or adapting existing teaching materials.
  • At-scale transformations, with budgets up to $30,000, for development of OERs affecting a large number of students (typically 500 or more per semester).

For more guidance on how to apply for these grants, please contact either Dana Casper ( ), Christopher Lawrence ( ), or Alison Nooks ( ).

Grants Through Spring 2020