Affordable Learning Georgia

Welcome to MGA's Affordable Learning Georgia (ALG) resource page!

Affordable Learning Georgia is a USG initiative that focuses on reducing student textbook costs through use of Open Educational Resources (OER), the subscription resources provided by GALILEO and the USG libraries, or textbooks and other pedagogical materials using non-traditional licenses. Several faculty at MGA use OpenStax textbooks, but there are many other options.

This guide aims to be a resource for:

Faculty at Middle Georgia State University have been using reduced cost materials for some time already, and many have been successful at winning ALG Textbook Transformation Grants. In Spring of 2015 alone, an estimated $47,080 has been saved for students through use of no-cost open textbooks and other OERs. Additionally, MGA faculty have won just under $80,000 in grants to create or adopt reduced cost materials.

MGA grantees from Rounds 1-4 of the Textbook Transformation Grants are listed below:

Course Grantees Grant Amount Award Category
EDUC 2110 Loleta Sartin $10,800 No-Cost-To-Students Learning Materials
Molly Kimsey
POLS 1101 Julie Lester $10,800 No-Cost-To-Students Learning Materials
Chris Lawrence
ITEC 2380 Kevin Floyd $28,700 Transformations at Scale
ITEC 3280 Myungjae Kwak
ITEC 4248
CHEM 1151 Jonathan Cannon $16,600 Transformations at Scale
CHEM 1152 Estelle Nuckels
Andrew Lauer
PHYS 1111 Edwynn Wallace $10,800 OpenStax Textbooks
PHYS 112

Other MGA faculty who have adopted OERs for use in their classes, although not going through the grant process, include Michael Gibbons (Sociology) and Heather Ness (Psychology).