Sport Management

Thank you for your interest in the Bachelor of Science in Sport Management Program at Middle Georgia State University. The Sport Management program prepares individuals to apply management principles to the organization, administration, or management of athletic programs and teams, sport recreation services, and other related services. This degree can be obtained on either the Cochran or Macon Campus with online and face-to -face classes. An internship is available and gives students an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge gained in the classroom to the field of practice. Sport management graduates benefit from a broad career landscape and can fill workforce needs in a host of professional positions, including:  

  • Sport Marketing, Advertising, and Promotion Managers
  • Facilities and Event Coordinators /Managers
  • Athletic Business Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Athletics Scouts and Agents
  • Player Benefits and Human Resources Professionals
  • Athletic Directors and Coaches

 I invite you to learn about the program and profession by contacting one of our faculty advisors via the Faculty/Staff Directory links in the menu.

Whether it is the excellent earning potential, a drive to make a difference, or the opportunities and flexibility that abound in the field – we are encouraged that you recognize the potential that exists by pursuing a career in Sport Management. On behalf of our faculty and staff, we again thank you for your interest in the program and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

 Dr. Dorothy Howell, DHA, MSN

Chair of Health Services

Goal of the Program

The field of Sport Management is an ever growing and changing field with many opportunities from recreation departments, school systems, college level, and professional levels.  Opportunities are found in academics and in other business areas which deal with athletic departments and sport programs across the country and the world. 

During time in this program and including the Internship course, students are encouraged to gain experience through volunteer work at local schools or recreation departments and local teams to gain experience in the field of sports management and to gain job knowledge to be applied. 

After graduation from the program, students are encouraged to search for entry level positions which grow to further positions but also to continue their academic pursuits to earn a Master’s in the field of Sport Management with positions as a Graduate Assistant or Intern in one of the many levels of collegiate or professional sports available.

Whether entering the job field or continuing to pursue a higher academic degree upon completion of this program, students will gather the knowledge in this program to pursue a career in the field of sports or business, whichever they seek.


Job Types

Students who complete this program will seek many entry level type jobs in the field of sports at multiple levels.  Some opportunities which students pursue include:

  • Coaching (High school or College)
  • Athletic Administration (HS or College)
    • Sports Information
    • Game Management
    • Assistant or Associate AD
    • Sales
    • Fundraising
  • Front Office for professional Sports
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Game Management
    • Finance
    • Business Office
    • Licensing
  • Team Sales
  • Licensing
  • Consultation Firms
  • Sports Agent
  • Professional Coaching
  • Many Others
Job Web Sites for Sport Management

Be careful of the ads which state “Sport Minded” as these are often looking for sales people in other fields.

Individual school web sites are a great place to look as well.  Look at the schools, especially smaller schools, who will post jobs on their page but not advertise everything on outside pages which charge.

Some sites offer paid membership to access the jobs but there are many advertisers of smaller sports teams in the minor leagues for all sports on these sites.  Paid services include:

Many other sites exist as well as job career fairs.