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Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm a Learning Support student, may I take Business courses?

  • No, business students must complete all learning support courses before taking any business classes.

Do I have an advisor?

  • Yes, all students have an advisor. Please contact the School of Business at 478.471.2724 for assistance.

Which math course must I take?

  • Students who plan to receive a Bachelor of Science in Business and Information Technology must take either MATH 1101, MATH 1111, MATH 1113, or MATH 1251 for Area A, and take MATH 1200 for the Area D Math Elective. Students may be required to take a developmental math if they do not score high enough on the math placement test, or students may need to take additional Math courses to meet the prerequisites for MATH 1200. See the Catalog for math requirements.
  • For students planning to receive the Associate of Science in Business Administration, any Area D Elective listed in the Catalog will be acceptable.

What if I make a "D" in a major course?

  • Currently, no "D" in Area F or in an upper-level course is allowed.

Where do I go to withdraw from a class, and will it hurt my GPA?

  • You must contact the Registrar's Office to withdraw from a course. A grade of "W" is assigned, and it will not affect your GPA as long as the withdrawal is submitted before a specified date in the semester. Withdrawal can affect your HOPE benefits.