MGA Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars information for the Macon and Warner Robins Campuses

  1. As a service to students, faculty, and staff, Middle Georgia State offers an optional pre-deposited, (declining debit) card system for Dining Services. The purpose of this system is to provide safety and security to cardholders by eliminating the necessity to carry cash for products and services available in the Cafeteria and Subway (located in the Student Life Center) and the Coffee Shops (located in the Library and PSC on the Macon Campus).
  2. Dining dollars are tracked by MGA and roll over each semester. Unused dining dollars (other than nominal amounts less than $10) must be refunded to the student no later than upon separation from the institution.
  3. Cash withdrawals from the MGA Dining Dollars account are not allowed at any time.
  4. The cardholder's MGA Dining Dollars account will be activated automatically upon purchase of a meal plan. Cardholders may learn more about meal plans and purchase a plan in any of the following locations:
    • Card Services Office, located on the first floor of the Student Life Center Room #112, Macon Campus
  5. Middle Georgia State Dining Dollars Plans:
    Silver $300 5%
    Bronze $150 3%
  6. The minimum deposit into the MGA Dining Dollars account is one hundred fifty dollars ($150). Deposits may be made with cash, check, and debit/credit cards. Financial Aid funds can also be used, if there are sufficient funds available after tuition and fees have been paid.
  7. In the event a cardholder's deposit check is returned due to insufficient funds, a $30 service fee will be assessed by the MGA Bursar's Office and the cardholder's MGA Dining Dollars account and remaining funds will be suspended until the amount of the returned check and the $30 service fee have been paid.
  8. After two returned checks, checks will no longer be accepted from the cardholder. Only cash, debit, or credit card will be accepted.
  9. If the cardholder's MGA Dining Dollars account balance goes below zero as a result of a system malfunction or card readers being offline, the cardholder remains responsible for repayment of any negative balance. In the event of a negative balance, the cardholder will be contacted via his or her College email account and will be asked to deposit funds to the affected account. If the cardholder does not respond, the Knight Card will be frozen and the negative balance will be charged to the cardholder's student account and must be satisfied and/or cleared prior to registration for classes and/or receipt of grades.
  10. When a deposit is made to an account with a negative balance, the negative balance will be automatically satisfied before making any funds available.
  11. MGA Dining Dollars are not currently available for use in the Campus Store or at vending machines. Duke Dollars can be added onto the Knight Card to pay for these services by clicking here.