MGA Dining & Duke Dollars

The Knight Card serves as a personal debit card. It allows you to draw upon pre-deposited funds for the purchase of products and services throughout campus. To make a purchase, just present or swipe your card wherever the Knight Card is accepted. It's that easy! The amount of your purchase will be deducted from your Dining Dollar or Duke Dollar account.

Account balance information is provided after every transaction. Cashiers can also conduct a balance inquiry for you, or you can simply access and manage your account anytime on your Knight Card Online Account.

MGA Dining Dollars

MGA meal plans include MGA Dining Dollars which is a pre-deposited declining balance amount to use at any dining location on campus. The cardholder's MGA Dining Dollars account will be activated automatically upon purchase of a meal plan. Cardholders may learn more about meal plans on the MGA Dining Services website. For information about purchasing a meal plan OR changing a meal plan visit the Meal Plan Portal.

Dining dollars are tracked by MGA and roll over each semester. The minimum amount into the MGA Dining Dollars account is one dollars ($100) that is included in the meal plan. After a meal plan is purchased, it is recommended the cardholder spend Dining Dollars down before adding additional funds. Once additional funds are needed, the Cardholder is encouraged to add Duke Dollars to their account. Dining Dollar refunds will be auto refunded within 90 days of the end of the student’s last active semester. See terms and conditions for more information.

Duke Dollars

MGA students can also add Duke Dollars to the Knight card, as this is also another form of pre-deposited declining balance that can be used at multiple locations on campus including all dining locations, laundry, Pepsi vending machines, and the MGA Campus Store! Duke Dollars can be added onto the Knight card anytime online, or by visiting the Bursars office on each campus.

Duke Dollars are tracked by MGA and roll over each semester. Duke Dollar refunds are processed upon graduation or official withdrawal from Middle Georgia State University within 60 days of leaving. See terms and conditions for more information.

How to Add Duke Dollars:

  1. Click on “Make a DUKE Dollar Deposit” on the card services webpage
  2. Clik on Student & Staff Login
  3. The Login for your Knight Card Online account will be your MGA Single Sign-On credentials.

To add Duke Dollars you will click on “Make a Duke Dollars Deposit”

Follow Steps to add funds to your account.

If you experience issues when trying to add funds to your account, please email immediately for assistance.

Please see the FAQs for questions asked about adding Duke Dollars.