Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get my Knight Card?

  • Knight cards are issued at Card Offices on each campus.

Do I need a physical Knight Card?

  • Please see information on physical knight card

What is required to get a Knight Card?

  • Bring a valid ID to obtain your Knight Card

Is there a charge?

  • Your initial card is free of charge. A replacement is $20.00 if lost.

Where can I use my Knight Card?

  • See the Knight Card page

Can I check my balances on my Knight Card online?

  • Yes, you may check your balance at any time by logging into

Can I ever get a refund of my Dining Dollars or Duke Dollars?

  • Yes, see Terms and Conditions page

Who should I contact if I have questions about the Knight card?

  • Contact MGA Auxiliary Services at

What is the event category and balance on my Knight card?

  • The event category is added to track your usage of event swipes where a record of entrance is needed. For example, the Wellness Center, health clinics, and possibly student life events. The “events” would show that you are a paying student and may access the function or area. The balance is the amount of event swipes you have on your Knight card (ex: 1000).