P.O.S.T. Corrections Officer Training Coursework

MGA now offers course credit toward the B.S. degree in Criminal Justice for criminal justice professionals (officers) who have completed the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)- Corrections/Correctional Officer Training Coursework- and who have served as a POST-certified professional for at least 13 weeks (520 hours of on the job experience).

If you have completed the GA POST Basic Law Enforcement training coursework, see this page for information about the course credit that MGA awards for that training.

The table below indicates the 3 courses (9 credit hours) for which credit will be awarded for qualifying individuals.

Georgia Post Training MGA Coursework
Basic Correctional Officer Training CRJU 3100- Ethics in Criminal Justice
CRJU 3210- Organized Crime
CRJU 4147- Report Writing

Required Documentation

In order to qualify for credit for the 3 MGA CRJU courses above (9 credit hours toward the B.S. degree), corrections officer professionals will need to submit the following to Department Chair of Psychology and Criminal Justice:

(1) A copy of the certificate and/or transcript indicating completion of the Georgia POST Corrections/Correctional Officer training coursework.

(2) A current resume or CV that indicates the length of time employed with a criminal justice agency (minimum length of employment for credit is 13 weeks or 520 hours).