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Application Process

The FAFSA is the primary application used by students to apply for financial aid. The application can be completed at: Income information from the year 2020 is required to complete the 2022-2023 FAFSA.

Please use MGA’s Federal School code, 001581, on your FAFSA.

Payment Deadline

The payment deadline for fall semester late registration is August 16, 2022. Please be sure to check your account balance and financial aid awards in SWORDS to ensure that your registration is secured. Students will have their classes cancelled for non-payment if the balance is not paid in full.

If your financial aid offer is not sufficient to cover tuition and fees please consider the following payment alternatives:

  1. Apply for Covid-19 Relief Funds:
  2. Enroll in Bursar Office Payment Plan:
  3. Apply for Alternative Student Loans:

Transfer Student Information

  • If you are transferring to Middle Georgia State University and have already completed a FAFSA for 2022-2023, you only need to add our school to your application. The federal school code is 001581.
  • If you only want to receive the Hope or Zell Miller Scholarship, complete the GSFAPPS at and list Middle Georgia State University as a receiving school for the application.

Transient Student Information

If you are planning to attend MGA as a Transient Student, please begin the process to receive financial aid at your home school. After your status has been reviewed, your home school will communicate with our financial aid office regarding your eligibility. Don’t delay, if you are registered for classes, regardless of your status, you will need to pay your fees by the payment deadline.

Financial Aid Available in the MGA Campus Store

Students can begin using financial aid in the MGA Campus Store on August 1, 2022.  Remember: To use financial aid to purchase books and supplies, your financial aid file has to be complete, aid must be authorized, and a student must have remaining aid after all tuition and fees have been paid.

Campus Logic Information

  1. Navigate to
  2. You will be presented with your university login portal which you will need to authenticate.
  3. Once authenticated you will be presented with a Direct Sign-On to Single Sign-On transition tool which will allow you to enter your old Direct Sign-On credentials to link the existing Student Forms account to the new Single Sign-On login.
    • If you do not have a username/password for a Direct Sign-On account you will have an option to select "I don't have an existing account" which will allow you to register like normal.
  4. After you successfully transition or register a new Single Sign-On account you will not see the DSO to SSO transition screen again in the future.


After all tuition and fees have been paid and attendance verified for students enrolled, the Bursar’s Office will begin issuing refunds. Please click here for the most current information related to the first date of disbursement for the upcoming semester:

Additional Information:

Student Loans

Verification: If your FAFSA was selected for verification, this process will need to be completed prior to your file being completed. These directions will assist you with creating your account on Campus Logic and uploading the required information.

Frequently Asked Questions: If you are question has not been answered on this page, please visit our FAQ page for more information