As a resident on any of Middle Georgia State University’s campuses, you have access to tools and services that are designed to help you succeed. Below are just a few of the resources that we offer:

Housing & Residence Life

Dining services

Photo of a chicken sandwich and French fries


Photo of a shirt that features Middle Georgia State University logo

Campus Safety

Image of Middle Georgia State University police badge


Academic Advising

Photo of a journal on top of a clip board with a pen on top of it and a folder on top a stack of legal envelopes

Accessibility Services

Photo of a person reading a book in Braille

Student Success Center

Photo of a scientific calculator sitting on top of a textbook


Photo of a library rooms with multiple shelves of books and books on display

Technology Resources

Photo image of an open laptop computer

Health and wellness


Photo of a colorful thought bubble that features the text Be Well at M G A within it

Health Clinic

Photo of a stethoscope

Recreation and Wellness

Photo of an outdoor swimming pool area with a fence around it

Student Involvement


The athletic logo for Middle Georgia State University featuring a drawing of a Knight holding a lance while riding a horse

Center for Career & Leadership Development

A stylized letter C with figures of three people in the center area of the C

Clubs & Organizations

A group of smiling people around bins filled with donation supplies

Student Government Association

A round seal that features the text Student Government Association, the university torch, and the name of the university