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The vision of the School of Arts & Letters is to be the access hub for exceptional arts and humanities education in our state, to drive cultural development in our region, and to prepare thought leaders for our communities and the creative economy of Georgia.


The mission of the School of Arts & Letters is to provide broad access to arts and humanities education that promotes creativity, elevates culture, encourages the pursuit of happiness, and prepares intellectually agile citizens to serve our communities and the creative economy of Georgia.

Imperative One: Foster Academic, Professional, and Social Agility

  • Strategy 1: Build modular curriculum that deconstructs liberal arts/work ready divide
  • Strategy 2: Articulate professional pathways for majors
  • Strategy 3: Leverage co-curricular organizations/activities

Imperative Two: Become an Engine of Culture on our Campuses and Beyond

  • Strategy 1: Build accessible extra- and co-curricular cultural and educational programming
  • Strategy 2: Build audience for extra- and co-curricular and educational programming

Imperative Three: Leverage Diversity

  • Strategy 1: Support student achievement across the continuum (gen ed to majors; access to honors)
  • Strategy 2: Build fall in/fall up academic pipelines that foster
  • Strategy 3: Build support systems for scholarship across the continuum

Imperative Four: Build Community

  • Strategy 1: Engage K-12 through community-based arts & humanities programming
  • Strategy 2: Engage community partners
  • Strategy 3: Foster a faculty culture that supports engagement and retention
  • Strategy 3: Anchor in place

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