Knight Writers

Knight Writers is a program developed in 2018 by Dr. Lorraine Dubuisson and sponsored by the English Department. It brings the Honors Freshman English students from Bleckley County High School to the Cochran campus of MGA for a day of instruction in poetry followed by a writing marathon. These students represent the best and brightest that Bleckley County has to offer, and the English Department is privileged to host these college-bound writers as they learn more about poetry, the writing process, and the opportunities MGA provides its students.

Knight Writers is implemented each year by a team of MGA students under Dr. Dubuisson’s direction. These students are responsible for developing the curriculum for Knight Writers and for guiding participants through various writing activities. After the event, MGA students taking Professional Writing classes turn the writing generated by participants into polished and professional anthologies. Knight Writers is also a study that collects data about writing anxiety, and the MGA students are listed as co-investigators in the study. These students represent the best and brightest that MGA has to offer, and they also represent MGA’s commitment to experiential learning and undergraduate research.

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