Department of English

Middle Georgia State University’s Department of English engages students in exciting coursework with dynamic and highly qualified faculty members, most publishing regularly and all committed to teaching and learning. Three of our faculty have recently received the institution’s Excellence in Teaching Award.

Bachelor’s Degree

In working closely with English faculty, undergraduate English majors develop strong critical thinking, writing, research, and communication skills as they explore great works of literature. Additionally, undergraduate students can choose one of our optional concentrations: professional writing, creative writing, pre-law, teacher certification (secondary), and literature. These concentrations allow students to specialize in their interests and highlight their skills.

Through discussion and writing, undergraduate English majors develop their ability to think critically, communicate persuasively, and support ideas with quality research—all skills in high demand in today’s marketplace.

English students also enjoy transformative learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Undergraduate English majors have access to off-campus and on-campus internships, earning academic credit by working with publishers, at local law offices, grant writing agencies, and in campus Writing Centers.

Additionally, our undergraduate students embrace active learning through student organizations such as the award-winning English Studies Organization, Alpha Rho Sigma (our chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English Honors Society), and the Canterbury Club. The Department sponsors or supports a wealth of campus events for both faculty and students, including the annual Undergraduate Conference, Knight Fest, a biannual Writing Marathon, an annual Arts Festival, and a generous slate of readings, lectures, workshops, and colloquia each semester.

Graduate Degrees

Our graduate degrees enhance existing credentials and prepare professionals to communicate clearly in a variety of professional setting, including using digital platforms. We offer a Masters in Professional and Technical Writing, enhanced by several writing-focused Graduate Certificates which are stackable with the MA.  These include graduate certificates in Technical Writing and Digital Communication, Creative Writing, and Teaching College Writing.

While developing skills in high demand in today’s marketplace, graduate students have access to online internships as well as paid assistantships for campus-related work experience.


Recent graduates of our graduate and undergraduate programs enjoy success in rewarding career pursuits: they are teaching abroad and in area high schools, practicing law, achieving Master’s and Doctoral degrees, advancing in business careers, and working as editors, project managers, technical writers, and grant writers.

Current MA and Graduate Certificate graduates are poised for positions in cutting edge technology fields that require strong liberal arts skills: technical communication, instructional design, social media management, corporate blogging, and digital copywriting, among many others.

The English Department is the proud home to an outstanding journal student literary and arts journal: The Fall Line Review, showcasing the best in poetry, fiction, and art by Middle Georgia State students.

We invite you to visit our department, talk with our faculty, and meet our majors. You’ll see why our graduates, possessing unique and timeless skills, have the world at their fingertips!

Dr. Benita Muth
Chair (Macon)

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