Math Olympics

In light of the continuing COVID-19 situation in Georgia, the Middle Georgia State University Department of Mathematics and Statistics has decided that (in the interest of safety) it will suspend the 2021 competition. In lieu of the competition, and to continue to foster mathematical education, exploration, and interest, we have put together a collection of interesting problems of various difficulty level and mathematical discipline for those interested to explore at their leisure.  Please see the link with the attached 2021 Math Olympics problems, there are 10 in total and include various topics including (but not limited to) Graph Theory and Statistics.  We hope you enjoy these problems, and we will be posting the proposed solutions (in video format) at a later date (most likely end of March or early April).  Thank you again for your continuing interest in our event and we hope to see you in person next year!

2021 MGA Math Olympics Problem Set

Solution Videos for 2021 Math Olympics Problem Set