Emergency Information

  1. Emergency Procedures
  2. Emergency Response Plan/Evacuation Procedures
  3. Notification of University Community
  4. Media Communications
  5. Annual Testing

Emergency Procedures

In the event that an incident arises, either on or off campus that constitutes an ongoing or continuing threat, a campus-wide “timely warning” shall be issued. The warning will be issued for the campus or campuses that are directly affected by the incident through the university e-mail system and the Knight Alert program to members of the campus community. Campuses with outdoor notification systems may also utilize resources to address persons outside of physical structures with pertinent information.

Depending on the particular circumstances of the emergency, the Middle Georgia State University Communications Office may also post a notice on the MGA website at www.mga.edu as well as MGA Facebook and Twitter accounts providing the university community with more immediate notification. Campus community members should also stay tuned to local radio and television stations that will be provided information as available by the Communications Office or MGA Police Department.

Anyone with information warranting a timely warning should report the circumstances to the university police department for his/her specific campus. Notifications to the university community will be initiated as soon as is feasible, as long as notification does not interfere with the activities of law enforcement or emergency response personnel.

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Emergency Response Plan/Evacuation Procedures

Middle Georgia State University has developed an Emergency Response Master Plan (ERP) that is accompanied by an abbreviated flip chart that outlines policies and procedures for the University in emergency situations.. This multi-colored plan is posted in offices and call stations throughout all campuses. The ERP flip chart, including evacuation procedures may be viewed on the MGA Police section of the University website. Hard copies can be obtained at any campus police precinct or by calling Macon Precinct at 478.471.2414 to request one be mailed.

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Campus Community Notifications

Methods of communication for the campus community have been developed to ensure quick and accurate dissemination of important information. Email is a primary means of emergency notification at Middle Georgia State University. In addition, the Knight Alert is a valuable resource for publishing facts to faculty, staff, and students quickly through a variety of social media networks. During an emergency or disaster the email and Knight Alert systems are intended for the immediate transmission of specific information regarding an emergency to all affected areas of a campus or multiple campuses if applicable. Also, other electronic methods of issuing notifications can be used including notifications made on the campus website as well as messages posted on digital video blast boards located throughout the University. On the Macon Campus a secondary communication method used is the campus emergency notification system (utilizing interior and exterior speakers). This system is built for redundancy and works with the Knight Alert system to reach the most individuals possible at one time. Another communication method utilized by the University is a telephone tree network that enables the call center to work in tandem with department heads and chairs to disseminate messages to faculty and staff. In the event of a disabled telephone system and as another means of communications, building occupants will be notified in person by Building Coordinators in case of a day time emergency, and at night by MGA Police Officers.

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Media Communications

The Director for Communications or his/her designee is responsible for any news media contacts to include the development and distribution of press releases and initiating news broadcasts in reference to suspension of University operations with the approval of the President. In addition, the Director for Communications or his/her designee will assist in the development and/or distribution of information to faculty/staff.

Faculty, staff and/or students will direct all requests for information from the news media to the Director for Communications or his/her designee. Staff and/or faculty are not authorized to communicate with the media without receiving prior approval from the President, or his/her designees.

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Annual Testing

All methods of communication will be tested each semester. A description of the exercise, whether announced or unannounced, will be documented and a file maintained at the MGA Police Department.

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