Recreation & Wellness Program

Middle Georgia State University’s Recreation & Wellness Program is based on the belief that an active student is a more successful student; therefore, its mission is to get students involved in healthy habits that will create lifelong participation in healthy lifestyles and activities. Participating in sports helps increases leadership, accountability, and provides environments for healthy competition.

Participation in Recreation & Wellness activities gives students the opportunity to meet fellow students, faculty, and staff outside the classroom. Participation in activities such as intramural sports, health promotion events, club sports teams, and outdoor recreation trips will provide avenues for new adventure and opportunities to gain new interests that will promote health and wellness throughout life.

Participation helps students to learn more about what is going on in other areas of student life. Recreation & Wellness provides opportunities for volunteering for different organizations in the community that can help the student and the University give back to the local community.

And as if the other reasons listed are not enough to participate outside of the classroom, here is a fourth reason – students are paying for it! All Middle Georgia State students enrolled in at least one (1) semester hour, pay a Student Activities Fee each semester. These fees go towards many different activities provided to students as part of the University experience here at Middle Georgia State.

To learn more about Recreation & Wellness at Middle Georgia State University, visit the Front Desk of the Wellness Center in Macon (478) 471-3624, Cochran (478) 934-3478, or Warner Robins (478) 329-4741, or visit the Recreation & Wellness Web pages, Facebook: Middle Georgia State Recreation & Wellness or Twitter: MGAKnightsRec