Student Life Program

Because an active student is a more successful student, Middle Georgia State University’s Student Life Program is based on three very sound principles that will help students achieve success.

First . . .

participation in Student Life activities gives students the opportunity to meet students, faculty, and staff outside the classroom. It’s through participation in activities such as picnics, concerts, family nights, coffeehouses, interactive programs and movie nights that students will build networks of support that will help with challenging University experiences. And, students find that the friendships they build in University can last a lifetime!

Second . . .

when students graduate from MGA, they’ll be looking for a good job, right? Participation in Student Life programs will provide skills and experience that employers find attractive. For example employers ask “Are you able to work well with a diverse group of people? Are you skilled in conflict resolution? Do you manage your time well? Are you an effective public speaker? Are you concerned with the welfare of the community in which you live?” Participation in campus activities shows potential employers that a candidate cared enough about his community to become involved at a level beyond that which is minimally expected. That’s a definite advantage when interviewing for a job!

Third . . .

by participating in Student Life programs, students become more aware of the world around them. As students progress through their education at MGA, they will be exposed to ideas, concepts, philosophies, arts, and cultures — all of which will expand their horizons in ways they cannot now imagine. Students may even discover that they enjoy everything from the taste of sushi to the sound of jazz. The opportunities for personal development are endless!

And . . .

as if all the above reasons to participate in learning outside the classroom are not enough, here’s one more: each student pays $3 per semester hour up to $45 in Student Activities Fees per semester. So, students should take advantage and get their money’s worth!

Read through these pages to learn about everything funded by Student Activities dollars. Students who can’t find a program or activity that appeals to them are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Life, and they can work to make it happen!

To learn more about Student Life at MGA, please contact Student Life representatives at any of the following campus locations:

Macon Campus: Student Life Center, Game Room, 478.757.2264
Cochran Campus: Welch Hall, 478.934.3152
Eastman Aviation Campus: Main Building 1009, 478.448.4703

The student e-mail account is the major source of Student Life information!

It is crucial that students check it frequently.

How Do Students Become Involved In Student Life At Middle Georgia State University?

Just show up. Yes, it's that simple. Take a look at the Office of Student Life calendar of events, pick the program, activity, event and/or club meeting of interest and just show up. In some cases, students will need to present a valid student ID to be admitted free of charge, but most of the time, all that needs to be done is to attend.