Student Government Association

The Student Government Association represents the student body of the University at all five campuses.   The SGA is composed of the leaders from each campus assembly. The SGA assemblies plan and execute many worthwhile projects and activities, which enrich University life. The SGA, in order to carry out its purpose, shall provide a forum for communication and recommenda­tion between the students of the University and the administrative officers of the University concerning the problems and issues that are im­portant to students and promote student government through sharing of ideas and information, and making recommendations and as­sisting the officials through delegated authority in imple­menting programs of student activities and campus life.

The Student Government President or equivalent elected officers shall participate in a forum for communication and recommendation between University System of Georgia (USG) students, the Chancellor, and, as appropriate, the Board of Regents, concerning matters that are important in providing information and assistance in programs and activities of USG institutions as directed by Board of Regents Policy 4.9.