Master of Arts in Public Relations

Ready for a career in public relations in fields such as business, marketing, advertising, entertainment, higher education, technology, healthcare, advocacy, government, nonprofit, and public safety....and beyond?

Students who earn a Master of Arts in Public Relations will be ready to step into a career in the growing field of public relations, ready to forge new paths in the professional world.

The MAPR is a fully online, technology-rich, professionally focused graduate degree program created to serve a growing need in media, communications, marketing, and advertising arenas.

About the Program

The program will prepare students to effectively utilize multimedia channels to strategically manage communication between individuals, organizations, and the public.

The program includes study in crisis communication, foundational theories of communication, ethics and rhetoric, principles of public relations writing and research, campaign planning and practice, and the craft of production and design. Other topics include fundraising and planning, digital writing and publishing, news writing and reporting, and web development.


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Admission Requirements

To view the admission requirements and apply for the Master of Arts in Public Relations program, go to the Graduate Admissions page.



Dr. Andre Nicholson, Program Coordinator


School of Arts & Letters
Department of Media, Culture, & the Arts