Academic Internships

Internships for Academic Credit: What You Need to Know

Do I need to do an internship for academic credit?

Not necessarily! Academic internships are only required for certain degree programs at MGA (Nursing, OTA, Respiratory Therapy, Rehabilitation Science, Education, and Social Work). If you are not in one of the aforementioned programs, then you do not have to do one for academic credit. Additionally, some MGA programs do not currently offer internships for academic credit. However, all students should try to complete an internship during their time in college, regardless of whether it is for academic credit. Internships are invaluable experiences that will not only help you better clarify your career goals, but will also help you add relevant experience to your resume and stand out more to employers.

What does my program require for my internships to count as academic credit?

Please see below to find your specific academic program (listed within each respective school) to learn about the following:

  • Main point of contact for that program
  • Pre-requisites to be eligible to do an internship for academic credit
  • Timeline for securing an internship
  • Process for finding a faculty member to oversee internship
  • How many internship hours required per week/semester
  • Semesters they are available for credit

See below for information on programs that DO NOT require an internship already for degree completion.