Faculty Resources

Ways to partner with the CCLD

CCLD Infomercial- Our office can come and speak to your class to give a quick, 10-minute overview of our office, which will include discussing the importance of students doing an internship. If interested in the CCLD coming to speak to your staff, reach out to us at careerservices@mga.edu.

CCLD Internship Presentation- Our office can also do an extended, more tailored presentation on internships, lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. We will discuss what an internship is, the difference between an internship vs. a co-op, best places to look for one, search strategies, as well as how to report an internship to the CCLD. If interested in someone from the CCLD coming to do a longer internship-specific presentation, please reach out to Dr. Heather McIntosh, Assistant Director for Internships & Career Readiness, at heather.mcintosh@mga.edu.

Internship Search Assistance- Whether it is to help a student find an internship for academic credit, or just to provide meaningful hands-on experiences in the field, our office is here to help! If a student reaches out to a faculty member to ask for help looking for internships, faculty can refer these students to the CCLD to get individualized help. Additionally, our office can provide previous internship sites MGA students have reported completing. Students can make an appointment with anyone in our office at mga.joinhandshake.com/appointments

Academic Credit Internship Reporting Assistance- For any MGA program that offers academic credit for students, our office can help centralize your students’ internship reporting through our “Experiences” portal in Handshake. MGA faculty and instructors can work with the CCLD to have all students doing internships for academic credit report them together for a specific degree program. Or, faculty can provide all necessary information to the CCLD for us to input. Directions for how to have a student report their internship can be found at this link: https://www.mga.edu/center-career-leadership-development/internships-career-readiness/experiences-reporting.php

How should an organization work with MGA to set up a potential internship site?
If an organization contacts you about setting up an internship and you’re not sure how to begin, the Career Development team in the CCLD are available to help. We can help faculty make sure employers are providing intentionally developed learning experiences for students. Although students can be compensated for an internship, employers are still expected to provide the training, feedback, and mentoring characteristic of a transformative or high-impact internship experience. These expectations also align with the Fair Labor Standards act in regards to laws and expectations surrounding unpaid internships, which is also an area the CCLD can provide guidance and expertise. The CCLD also maintains the centralized internship database which helps employers connect with a variety of majors and develop a strong, on-going relationship with the university. Our Handshake database makes it easy for employers to post their internships each semester and to register for on campus recruitment activities.