Register for Classes

The following information is for students who have already been accepted to MGA. If you haven't already been accepted please visit Admissions

Don’t miss out on the Fall 2018  and Summer 2018 classes you need to complete your program of study – use the links below to get registered for classes today!

Visiting students (also known as "transient") are encouraged to explore our Summer 2018 and Online Summer 2018 curriculums. A representative is available to assist you in registration.  


If you need to speak with an advisor, use the menu on this page to find your advisor and schedule an appointment. 


If you’re ready to sign up for your classes, you can do so online:

  1. Review your program’s curriculum in the Academic Catalog
  2. Find the classes you need in the Course Schedule
  3. Log into SWORDS and sign up!  (Click here for instructions for registering via SWORDS

If you have questions about registration, take a look at the FAQ’s, visit the Registrar’s webpage, or contact with your questions. 

After you’ve registered

Once your class schedule is completed, you must make sure that your financial aid and/or your payment are in order. 

See the Summer 2018 or Fall 2018 Academic Calendar for dates and deadlines.